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A Traveler’s Life: The Beginning

September 2, 2011

     Good afternoon, evening, morning, or whatever time of day it is wherever you (meaning the maximum of two people who are reading this entry right now) are! First off, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to have a look at my blog. Over the course of my life, I’ve come to realize that there are certain things that I cannot live without, and they are 1. food and water (those are sort of inevitable) 2. shelter and 3. traveling! If, like me, you have a thirst for all things planes, trains (and automobiles), lugging heavy suitcases in heavily populated areas, not being able to understand a lick of what’s being said to (or about) you, and exploring some of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world, then you just might enjoy this blog o’ mine. As a self-described introvert, I love to spend time observing people and places and challenging myself to learn about different ways of living. Some of you know me either personally or via facebook, but it is essential for you to know a bit more about me in order to fully appreciate my (hopefully entertaining) stories.

    I was born in a relatively small town in South Florida called Boynton Beach, which is about an hour north of the always hoppin’ Miami. I was but a few years old when my family moved to Clewiston, FL, which is nicknamed “America’s Sweetest Town”. If you ask me, that’s one of those nicknames that are given because nobody could think of something better to say. I was about five years old when my family moved back to South Florida to a city called Delray Beach. My first taste of traveling was when my family took our first trip to Walt Disney World, which was a three and a half hour drive north. Any normal child would raise hell if he or she was forced to spend an extended period of time in a car with his or her annoying younger siblings and parents. I, however, have loved long car rides for as long as I can recall. Keep in mind that I was NEVER a “normal” child. That first taste of traveling to a place that was as awe-inspiring, goose-bump inducing, and overwhelmingly fantastic will forever remain a part of me. I was officially bitten by the travel bug and there is no antiseptic for such a wound.